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Maximise your sense of space with these clever style tricks.

Reflective surfaces ~ make a room feel bigger so add some glossy surface to your bathroom like gloss white wall tiles.

Mirrors ~ add a large mirror to your bathroom to create the illusion of extra space and to reflect more light around the room.

Large format tiles ~ larger tiles on the floor and walls will increase the sense of space by making the room look less busy. Consider using a 300 x 600mm on the walls and a 600 x 600mm on the floors. The added bonus of large tiles is less grout to clean!

Frameless Glass ~ if it's within budget use a frameless shower screen as it will open up the room and increase the transparency of the space.

Light and Bright ~ limit the palette to white and light neutrals to reflect more light and create the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. Darker colours will make the room recede and appear smaller.

Attention to detail ~ add texture, colour and interest through towels and accessories this will prevent the room from looking bland or boring.

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