Tips on Decorating the Nordic Way

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At the moment I just can't get enough of looking at fabulous Nordic homes and their stunning interiors. Scandinavian design has so much to offer and is sure to inspire anyone who is need of some innovative decorating ideas that can be incorporated into any home design.

Here are 8 Design Tips on how to achieve the Scandi Interior.

1.  Start with a blank canvas: Think white walls even white floors. Bright white is the colour of choice in Scandinavian design then bring colours through the furniture and decor.

2.  Geometry:  Something hated at school but loved in Scandinavian Design!
You can introduce this through prints, fabrics, lighting and currently something very on trend - vases.

3.  Splash of Colour: Scandinavian Design is known for being playful and fun. Colourful art, cushions, throws, vases, rugs and even decorative furniture pieces. The canvas might be white, but the colour is splashed everywhere.


4.  Graphics & Typography: There is a strong presence of graphic prints and black and white typographic artworks in Scandinavian interior design.

5.  Something Wooden: It is rare that you will find a Scandinavian home without timber being a  feature. Whether it be wooden beams across the ceiling or a divine wooden log stool, this creates a sense of warmth and organic texture in the home.

6.  Layered Textures: Due to the cold climate, popular textures in Sweden are leather, fur and natural textiles (linen, cotton, hemp). This will not only bring visual warmth and a luxurious look to your space, but more importantly comfort! Mix it up and layer the natural textures. Think cowhide rugs, deer skins, large knitted cushions, sheepskins, and luscious throws.

7. Let the Light In: is an important inclusion in Nordic design. The main goal for designers is to bring in as much natural light as possible. That’s the reason for the usual absence of any window treatments. So tear down those curtains and let the light in! Keep all light fixtures simple, modern and minimalistic.

8. Keep it Simple: In Nordic Design the key pieces of furniture have clean, simple lines and should  be a neutral colour. As a result you will see a lot of grey lounges and natural wooden tables. Remember that simplicity is the key, so bring your colours and textures through in the use of accessories.

Melissah xox

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